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Cast Member Pantry began in early March of 2020 as the whole world began to prepare for what looked to be like a near future lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our founder was helping college students move out their program housing when she saw many of them had just stocked up on extra groceries.

These college students could only take with them what would fit in a suit case to fly home, or what they could fit in their vehicles. Our founder began collecting food and storing it in the trunk of her car, then her garage, and within two weeks had to move into a 20 foot by 15 foot storage unit. It was at the storage unit where Cast Members in need could come collect groceries, household essentials, and pet food.


Over the next few weeks furloughs began and an increased need in the community was immediately noticed. Many people began reaching out and asking how they could help what had become The Cast Member Pantry. Donations poured in from the community, fellow Cast Members began volunteering, and just like that a full blown organization was created. 


Today, we have evolved from a storage unit and in person food distribution to a fully virtual model. This enables us to have groceries delivered directly to the Cast Member’s home. Our virtual model has created the ability to serve Cast Members all over the United States including Florida, Hawaii, California, and more. 


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